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Shazdar (Stylized as SH∆ZD∆R) is an American singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, actor and songwriter, known for producing all of his own music under the eponymous label Shazdar Music. His music falls into various genres including but not limited to: Rock, Folk, Ambient, Acoustic, and Psychedelic Rock.  Primarily working as an independent recording artist, SH∆ZD∆R blends a variety of musical roots to weave personal, relatable, and interesting existential narratives. He considers his released projects to be his "creative subconscious." 


SH∆ZD∆R has a reputation for being reclusive, elliptical, and controlling of his public image. Live performances are few and far between.

Growing up in Munhall, PA, SH∆ZD∆R began playing the piano by ear at

the tender age of four, on the family's old stand up. His father introduced him to sounds from The Beatles and Elton John, and his Uncle shared his love for Bob Seger. Later in his childhood, SH∆ZD∆R also had a passion for video games and fell in love with Nobuo Uematsu's compositions from the Final Fantasy series. He had four months of formal training on chord progression with a piano instructor before she expressed she had nothing left to teach her eager student and SH∆ZD∆R continued learning more instruments including the acoustic and electric guitar. 





After moving to Florida, SH∆ZD∆R performed a long piano medley of several video game theme songs in the 2003 Winter Springs Town Center Festival, featuring local artists. This was his debut in the local music scene. He was instructed by guitarist Laurie Marsell during this time, expanding his styles and ideas. SH∆ZD∆R's original music was featured in two independent films during his college years. One called "Uncovering" featured in the 2012 film Spotlight, and three early recordings of his songs "Storm in E Minor," "Close Your Eyes", "Grateful Dead", and "Strength" were featured in the 2011 short film MUSiquE, by Mischief Films. 

"Constellation" featured SH∆ZD∆R as the musician for the actors presenting one acts and movement pieces in the art collaboration. SH∆ZD∆R performed guitar, vocals and djembe. The play was also showcased in Waterloo, Canada the same year for an Art Festival.

Since then SH∆ZD∆R has fervently worked on his music staying true to his original sound.

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